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Hello internets!!!
I miss LJ, but it's a ghost town in here...
Not feeling FB.
Need an alternative

um herro?

 other than the ONTD celebrity posts is there anyone else still kicking around on LJ? :"(

check check 1 2 tres

Is this thing on?

I can haz certifications

I have been busy the last few months. I got a contract gig through VMC a sister company of Volt working at Microsoft. The pluses:

1) I make more per hour than I did at my last job
2) back doing IT work
3) got my MCDST certifications (passed 2 core exams just this week)

the minuses:
1) benefits are asstastic
2) my shift is midnight to 8 am
3) have to drive to Redmond

All in all I am very excited. For the first time in my life, I finally got some IT certifications. I passed the 70-271 and 70-272 core exams: supporting the Win XP OS and Desktop Applications in Win XP. Now that I have an MCDST, I want to keep going. The next step is to go for an MCSA - Microsoft Certified Systems Administrator. That takes 3 core exams and 1 elective. It should not be too bad as I am half way there. The level after that will take longer . A Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer needs to take 5 core exams and 2 electives. That's down the road, but I am very excited .

I probably won't be posting much on LJ as I am pretty much on Facebook now but will check from time to time.
Well wishes all around. Cheers!


I recently applied for several positions with NCSOFT here in Seattle. One of them was for Community Manager role in their forums. I got an email from the HR department asking me additional questions : i.e how long have you been a gamer? What are your favorite 3 games, favorite genres, etc . Now, I am not huge on MMO's but I am an avid gamer, techhead, and comic book geek. They thanked me for my responses and will follow up with me when they have more information . I am stoked and excited at the possibility of working for NCSOFT. I miss my days working in a gaming environment like WOTC and would love to get my back to my roots. Keeping my fingers crossed.


A reflection on thanks

Had a lovely weekend feasting with the family. Wednesday night we drove to my brother in law's house to stay with Michael, his wife Kate, and my 2 nieces and 1 nephew. Also there, were my father and mother in law.

Kate recently got breast implants, or as I like to call it "got her girls jacked up." I'm glad she did not go for LUDICROUS boobs and seems to have gone for the C cup which looked proportional.*

*I was a little miffed that she didn't get D cups as I wanted to go around screaming Double Dragons! every time she entered the room .

There were so many people at the house including Justin my other brother in law, his wife Amy, 2 of her brothers, 2 of her sisters, her folks, a cousin, a friend, et. al.

The food was fantabulous. I did not end up gorging as much as I did last year for which I am thankful. Once the kids went to bed, we watched Hancock, which was pretty good. The following night we watched Tropic Thunder which was fucking hilarious. Did I mention this was on a 1080 big ass wall projection with surround sound and stadium seating? yeah. pretty rad. Tropic Thunder is one of my all time favorite movies. Robert Downey junior is hysterical as Kirk Lazarus an Australian method actor, who undergoes an operation to look like a black man. This so he can play the part of Sergeant Lincoln Osiris in the movie. RDJ was reluctant to do it at first, as he did not wish to offend blacks, but he really wanted to work with Ben Stiller, so went for it. Let's be honest, he IS in blackface so I can understand his concern, but the way that they resolved it in the movie worked. Additionally, while the roles was stereotypical, he was sweet about it - just watch the damn movie.

We spent Wendesday and Thursday night. Friday morning we had this amazing quiche that Colleen's mom made, then we celebrated Colleen and Kate's birthdays. Colleen hit the bog 40 on Friday, Kate turned 36. My inlaws took our kids to their house and Coll and I went to see Bryan Adams in downtown Seattle at the Townhall.

Things to note about the venue:
1) there is no re entry
2) no alcohol is served there
3) there is no solid food options there
4) general seating only
5) see 1-4
6) is an old converted church

Colleen did sneak out to the car and grabbed a sparkling wine that she had been given as a birthday present and downed it. She did not share.

Other things of interest about Bryan Adams.
1) he is short
2) plays a mean guitar
3) has 2 songs about strippers - one off his new album, the second was "Heaven" which is a story about a male stripper
4) does an amazing Tina Turner impersonation
5) thinks the song "Please forgive me" would make a great country cover
6) Summer of 69 is not about a particular epoch of his life. Its about 69'ing. 'nuff said
7) "Run to you" is about a threesome. In the sense of he is with someone but is cheating on them .

Speaking of birthday fun. Colleen's itouch should arrive tomorrow. I am very excited about giving it to her.

Also, I just recalled. The kids, Colleen, and I spent 4 hours yesterday looking for a Christmas tree. 2.5 hours at the Red Barn, where we rode a train got some free milk and cookies, and hiked for miles, but found no tree. Half an hour at 3 Wise Men. Again, no dice. Finally, spent an hour or so at a third place, not far from there. I cut down about a 9' noble. My arms did not cramp up as badly as they did last year, which tells me I am in better shape, but I ran out of steam as I was so exhausted. I got 5/6 of the way across the trunk of the tree with the saw, but could not get the last part cut. I used my Bayushi tech of cutting the tree then fucking yelling TIMBER and pushing that son of a bitch over. Yeah, um. No es bueno. I ended up splitting the trunk. One of the old dudes there took a chain saw to the stump to square it off . We did get it home only to realize that the base is so thick that our Christmas stand cannot take all that tree meat in its hole... *sigh* We either need to buy a bigger stand or whittle the sides of the base down. URGH!

Poor sap (ha ha) is cooling its heals drinking up some water in our garage while we figure it out ...

Okay, enough fun. Back to the job search.

Happy Birthday Colleen

My beautiful wife turns 40 today. If you see her on the street, show some love. Her family got us tickets to see Bryan Adams tonight in Seattle at Town Hall. We're pretty stoked. I also picked up a 16 gig itouch for her as a combined birthday/christmas present. Thanks to <lj user="lithera"> for the heads up. Colleen's ipod got stolen from our car in the last year .

To many more birthdays, my darling!

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone. Please take a moment to reflect on what you are happy to have in your life. If it is someone special, let them know. I will do my best to try not to over indulge, but we will see. We will see. I have a strategy this year : to focus only on the delicious entries I know to be excellent!

Today is also my father's 59 birthday. Happy Birthday Dad! I love you! Friday, the day after Thanksgiving is my lovely wife's Fabulous Birthday. Busy week indeed!



Holy fucking shit.

I just applied for the FBI .

As Julius Ceasar once said, "the die is cast ..."

Yes We Can!


The time for change is here.

I commend McCain on a graceful speech and for bowing out with class. I am excited that President Obama, let's say it again President Obama, will work with both parties to get things do.

A truly historic night.

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